Whistleblower System

On the basis of the law of 16 May 2023, you may report to us information about or a reasonable suspicion of violations of national or European law obtained in a professional context relating to our companies about actual or potential, past or very likely to occur violations, unless this is excluded by overriding regulations (e.g. with regard to national security, legal obligations of secrecy and confidentiality or professional secrecy).

Whistleblowing reports are handled in a confidential manner and in accordance with the regulations in force.

Whistleblowers are granted protection against the risk of retaliation provided by local applicable law.

Any abuse of the whistleblowing system may expose the reporting person to disciplinary sanctions or prosecution. In contrast, under the principle of good faith, the use of the whistleblowing system does not result in disciplinary action, even if the facts reported later prove to be false or are not followed up.

How to report

Reports can be made confidentially through one of the following channels:

By E-Mail:
You can send your report to the E-Mail address below with the comment "strictly confidential" in the subject line:
E-Mail address: whistleblowing@lhi.lu

By post:
You can send your report by post with the comment "strictly confidential" to the following address:

LHI Management Luxembourg S.A.
39, Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg